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With around thousands of customers using the tram every day, there are plenty of ‘eyes’ attracted to internal messaging. We have 24 internal cove panels available to use located between the top of the windows and ceiling, just above seated passengers and at eyeline for those who are standing. 

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We sell these ‘coves’ in packs of either 20 (2 installed per tram on 10 trams) or 40 (4 per tram on 10 trams) spread out towards each end of the tram. Larger quantities are also available along with full ‘tram takeovers’ – exclusivity on all 24 sites within 1 or more trams.  


Previous internal advertisers have included LNER, Harvey Nichols, STV, Beaverbrooks and John Lewis. 


The cost of an interior campaign is made up of two elements: Production and fitting is the price that we pay for the coves to be printed and installed. The media rate is

then the cost for your campaign to be live for its duration.

Full interior ‘takeovers’ are available giving exclusivity on all 24 internal cove panels on one or more trams


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