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An exterior tram advert is the biggest moving billboard in Edinburgh! 

With our route passing through some of the busiest streets in the Capital, roadside exposure to external wraps can be more than a million ‘eyes’ a week. 

The high-level cove panels above the windows and ‘super square’ carriages, really stand out and the tram glides along or is stationary at stops. 


There are 27 trams in the current fleet all 7 carriages long. All trams operate along the full route between Edinburgh Airport, the City Centre, Leith Walk and Newhaven running from 5am to Midnight 7 days a week. 

Some of the biggest brands have used tram wraps as part of their marketing campaign including BT, Spotify, American Express, EE, John Lewis CR Smith and Hard Rock Café. 

The cost of an exterior wrap is made up of two elements: Production and fitting is the price that we pay for the tram to be wrapped. The media rate is then the cost for

your campaign to be live for its duration.

Full interior ‘takeovers’ using all 24 of the onboard cove panels can also be added to exterior campaigns to give a brand exclusivity across the whole tram!


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